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Wall panels

Sanderson Concrete has been producing precast concrete wall panels for almost 20 years. Whether it’s smaller panels as part of a masonry wall or larger decorative panels meant to accent large glass panels on a commercial building, precast concrete wall panels are cast face down and offer a much cleaner architectural look compared to cast in place concrete.

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Above is a small sampling of some of our custom precast concrete wall panel projects. At left is a series of wall panels cast with stainless steel harware in the face for mounting architectural elements after the precast was installed. The center panels were 107 degree corners cast in two pours with the cold joint at the corner between the two sides – this is the corner panel shown at the top right of this page. Note that the “cold joint” is not visible due to the tight form tolerances on this pour.

The above panels required weld plates cast into the back of the panels. While weld plates are typically cast into a precast panel where they can be affixed to the form, ensuring exact placement because of tight tolerances on site, these weldplates were “floating” on the trowelled surface. Our form production team includes experienced fabricators with on site installation experience, knowledgable about installation tolerances that would be required on site. To ensure exact placement of the floating weldplates, custom jigs were created to hold the weldplates during production. These jigs were moveable as each of the panels had different locations for the weldplates. The result was a seamless installation on site.

The far right photo is a series of white concrete panels, cast with white sand and stone on a commercial building in downtown Vancouver. These panels where designed to look like white brick. The final result not only looks like brick, both the customer and the mason saved on installation costs by using precast concrete panels.