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Along with window sills, Sanderson Concrete produces a wide range of precast concrete lintels for commercial, institutional and multi family residential properties. Precast concrete lintels can be cast for virtually any length opening from small doors and windows to large openings for firetrucks and commercial vehicles.

Smaller lintels are typically cast as a masonry type unit and fastened to the building with brick ties or pins. Larger lintels can be cast with ledger angles attached or weld plates for attaching to the underlying structure.

Sanderson Concrete has cast lintels in many shapes and sizes, with our largest monlithic lintel to date being over 27′-0 long. Working with the architect, our custom team and engineers can provide your project with the lintels required that will seamlessly fit with the design of your building.

Because concrete is a liquid, the face of a lintel can include virtually any detail from a simple smooth face to the look of hand carved limestone. The only limitations on size and length are the support of the lintel on the building and trucking to site – so where a 20′-0 long lintel that is only 3″ thick will have to be cast in sections, we cast 5″ lintels at 14′-0 long regularly.

Whether it’s small sections or a large cantilevered lintel with no mortar joints over a series of windows and doors, feel free to contact us with your requirements. Our experienced custom precast team will work with you to achieve your vision.