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Drinking fountains

Sanderson Concrete has been making precast concrete drinking fountains for almost 20 years. Quality parts and accessories ensure that every drinking fountain we make stands up to the harshest site conditions.

British Columbia’s weather makes for hard wear on drinking fountains. Our drinking fountains are designed to stand the test of time.

Steel reinforced precast concrete drinking fountains are supplied in an exposed aggregate finish and consist of stainless steel and galvanized steel parts.

Drinking fountains are supplied complete with all parts, including galvanized steel mounting plates.


Bubblers & bowls are plated steel.

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Pedestal drinking fountain

16″ diameter x 34″ tall
350 lb. (160 kg)

Wheelchair accessable drinking fountain

16″ diameter x 35 ½” tall
600 lb. (275 kg)

Sanderson Concrete’s drinking fountains can
be supplied with optional pet bowls that fill
from water overflow drain or with an optional
water bottle filler cast into the side of the
drinking fountain.

Pet bowl and bottle/pet bowl filler must be
ordered when placing fountain order as
additional part fitting is required.

Coming soon:
installation drawings
pet bowl drawings
bottle filler drawings.

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